Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

October 20, 2022

Yes. When done done by a dental professional either at a teeth whitening salon or dental practice, teeth whitening is safe to do. Unfortunately, many DIY whitening old wives’ tales have rooted themselves in our society, and some of these could be damaging to your teeth and possibly gums. In this article, we’re looking at a few ways people have tried to whiten their teeth throughout history, the safest way to whiten your teeth, and where to get your pearly whites a few shades whiter in Durban.

Ways people have tried to whiten their teeth

It’s okay if you’ve tried some of these yourself. Here are some of the most common ways people try, with varying degrees of success, to whiten their teeth themselves:

  1. Bicarbonate of Soda

It’s thought that brushing every day with bicarb is going to whiten your teeth. There is no evidence to suggest this is true, and any results you might achieve will be in the long term. At a teeth whitening salon, you can go multiple shades lighter in only a few sessions.

  1. Acidic fruit

Now here’s an interesting one. Some believe that eating acidic fruit will aid with the removal of tooth stains. The reality is that excessive acidic fruit consumption is more likely to eat away at most of your tooth enamel before it actually lightens your teeth.

  1. Charcoal

Many believe that brushing their teeth with charcoal twice a day will help to whiten their pearly white(ish)s. The reality is that, unfortunately, charcoal is extremely abrasive on teeth, and will wear down your enamel over time, causing more harm than good.

  1. UV-light

There is a widespread belief that UV teeth whitening is a safe, effective manner of whitening ones teeth. It’s true that results can be achieved using UV-light on teeth, but it’s definitely not a safe way of whitening them. UV is still harmful to any part of the body when applied for prolonged periods.


What is UV-free LED teeth whitening?

A truly safe and effective way of whitening teeth is through UV-free LED technology. Pioneered in Sweden, this approach uses a hydrogen peroxide gel that is activated by UV-free LED Plasma Light technology. The results you will get from a professional teeth whitening salon, using cutting-edge technology, will always be miles ahead of home remedies and DIY teeth whitening solutions. The UV-free LED Plasma Light approach removes organic stains on your teeth’s surface effectively, without abrasions or side effects like sensitivity or pain.

Have you tried our teeth whitening salon in Durban?

The Smile Bar is your teeth whitening salon of choice in Durban. The technologies and products we use to whiten your teeth are made by Brilliant Smile™ Sweden, leaders in the teeth whitening industry. Our UV-free LED teeth whitening is safe and harmless to your teeth, and we guarantee results. That’s what sets a teeth-whitening salon apart from most DIY whitening approaches. Contact The Smile Bar to book your first teeth whitening appointment!

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