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Clear aligners
08 May
Clear Aligners - How do clear aligners work?
Clear aligners are sets of clear, thin, plastic-like trays that are custom-formed to fit your mouth and sequentially applies pressure to move your teeth. Typically, each aligner is worn for 2 weeks at...
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15 Mar
Teeth Whitening vs. Veneers: Making the Best Choice for Your Smile
Teeth whitening and veneers are two distinct yet effective cosmetic dental treatments that can significantly improve the appearance of your teeth. Understanding the critical differences between these options...
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29 Feb
Is Teeth Whitening For Young and Old?
Have you ever wondered why some people have naturally whiter teeth than others? The colour of your teeth is determined by an interplay of many factors, including genetics, oral hygiene, diet, and lifestyle...
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24 Jan
Teeth Whitening in Cape Town
It's hard to hide your happiness if you live in Cape Town! South Africa's Mother City is known for its stunning natural beauty, diverse cultural heritage, and vibrant atmosphere. However, you might hesitate...
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20 Nov
Smoking Stains Your Teeth! What You Can Do About the Discolouration?
Smoking is a habit that comes with health risks, and one often overlooked consequence is its impact on oral health. Among the many unfortunate effects, teeth discolouration is a visible reminder of how...
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02 Nov
In-Salon Or In-Office Teeth Whitening: Which is Right for You?
Are you dreaming of a brighter, more radiant smile? At The Smile Bar, we understand the importance of having teeth that shine, enhancing your overall confidence and leaving a lasting impression. We offer...
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