DIY Home Kits vs. Professional Salon Teeth Whitening: Weighing the Pros and Cons

September 28, 2023

Did you know that your dental health can affect your mental health? Stained and unsightly teeth mean you’re less likely to feel confident in social situations and more prone to become isolated. It may even affect your socioeconomic status and career growth! A 2021 British study found that a healthy set of teeth is commonly associated with high income and disposable wealth. The study also found that – however unfair – people around you make assumptions about your abilities based on the appearance of your teeth.

Maintaining a healthy mouth isn’t just about impressing people at work or in interviews. It’s a crucial part of caring for yourself, regardless of your income or financial situation. The quest for a healthy-looking smile often leads people to consider teeth whitening. But should you go for the salon experience or opt for a DIY home kit? Let’s dive into the pros and cons of each, and help you decide which path to a brighter smile (and future) is the best fit for you.

Cost vs. Safety

DIY teeth whitening kits can be more budget-friendly, but they may lead to a penny-wise, pound-foolish situation. Since DIY home kits don’t offer the supervision of a trained professional, you run the increased risk of errors or harm to your teeth and gums. Some DIY teeth whitening kits may cause tooth sensitivity or discomfort if used incorrectly. Conversely, The Smile Bar uses a professional-grade approach that ensures close monitoring by dental professionals and reduces the risk of complications. Our method reduces the risk of adverse effects and is the best choice if you have sensitive teeth or special dental considerations.

Your oral health can significantly affect your general well-being, and that’s why we don’t cut corners. At The Smile Bar, we incorporate UV-free LED Plasma Light Technology and Brilliant Smile Sweden Whitening gel into our advanced teeth whitening system. Our technology is safe, fast-working, and gentle. Our highly competitive packages start from as little as R999, a small investment for a great (and safe) result.

Customisation vs. Convenience

Opting for a DIY teeth whitening kit may give you more flexibility and eliminate the need for appointments. However, DIY home kits seldom provide the same level of customisation as salon teeth whitening treatments, potentially leading to uneven results. At The Smile Bar, we determine the shade of your teeth before the treatment using our shade guide to use as a comparison.

Moreover, achieving the desired level of whiteness may take longer with home teeth whitening kits compared to salon treatments. If you’re concerned about time commitments, we’d like to put your mind at ease: The Smile Bar‘s advanced technology will whiten your teeth in just 20 minutes. We have two branches in KwaZulu-Natal (La Lucia and Hilton) and a practice in Johannesburg (Sandton @ Alushi Aesthetics Branch). Our services are well-priced, pain-free, and convenient, so you can do it as often as you like.

Overall Dental Care Vs. Exclusively Cosmetic Outcomes

A sterling, white smile might be the result, but a lasting, healthy smile can’t be built on an unhealthy base. While cosmetic teeth whitening treatments, whether at a salon or with a DIY kit, offer remarkable aesthetic improvements, it’s crucial not to prioritise aesthetics over oral health. This is a principle deeply ingrained in our philosophy, and we work in cooperation with Family Dental Care, a group of dental practices that provide quality dental services without compromise. At The Smile Bar, we ensure that your teeth aren’t only sterling white but also decidedly healthy. With this holistic approach, we leave our customers smiling with the confidence that their oral health is in excellent hands.

Teeth whitening is a science-backed solution that can bring back the natural brightness of your smile. Experience efficient and effective results with our advanced UV-free LED Plasma Light Technology and specially formulated whitening gel. Book your appointment at The Smile Bar today for a brighter and more confident you!


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