Can You Have Your Teeth Whitened By A Dentist?

June 30, 2022

The short answer to this question is yes: you can have your teeth whitened by a dentist. Not all dentists offer the service, though. It’s a case of enquiring whether or not your dentist is able to whiten your teeth. Dentists, along with dental therapists and oral hygienists are dental professionals who can expertly whiten your teeth. Teeth whitening salons also offer expert teeth whitening, in arguably more comfortable environments, but the majority don’t have trained dentists performing the whitening procedures. Below we compare two choices you have when looking for teeth whitening treatments: salon teeth whitening vs. dentist teeth whitening.

The Smile Bar vs. dentist whitening

The first major difference between The Smile Bar salon whitening and dentist whitening is that the environment are more comfortable and relaxing spaces. The interiors are stylishly decorated, making the whole teeth whitening process an experience rather than a procedure. The Whitening system at the Smile Bar is also less invasive than regular in-chair and home treatments, resulting in zero sensitivity.

Whitening salons are for the regular individual who isn’t struggling with any dental issues. But if you do, choose a teeth whitening salon run by qualified dental professionals. At The Smile Bar, Salon whitening is performed by experienced Dental Therapist and the whole experience offers a few finer things compared to the average dentist rooms, with increased comfort and attention to customer service.

The teeth whitening process

Did you know that The Smile Bar teeth whitening is totally pain free? Give us your teeth for only 20 minutes at a time, and we’ll get you that bright, confident smile you’ve been looking for. Here’s what happens during a teeth whitening session:

  1. Evaluation
    At this stage the teeth whitening salon will determine your pre-treatment teeth shade. Teeth are darkened over time for various reasons, the most common of which are smoking and drinking too much coffee or red wine.
  2. Pre-whitening
    Before a salon can start whitening your teeth they’ll need to give them a good cleaning. This is a deep clean that gets rid of any surface dirt and existing impurities.
  3. Direct whitening
    A uniquely formulated dual componenet gel and LED teeth whitening technology are applied directly to your teeth, which is when you get to sit back and relax while your teeth become whiter and brighter.
  4. Results
    Walk out in confidence with a whiter, brighter smile. See results after one 20-minute teeth whitening session, and get to your ideal shade of white with regular visits to The Smile Bar.

20-minute Teeth Whitening in Umhlanga

Get a whiter smile for a more confident you by visiting The Smile Bar teeth whitening salon in Umhlanga. The Smile Bar is a trendy whitening salon, run by qualified dentists, that gives you the confidence to smile again – in only 20 minutes! Enjoy your smile for longer with our imported post-whitening teeth care products. Book a session with us today and rediscover what having a captivating, head-turning smile feels like.

Want to learn more? Read our frequently asked questions on The Smile Bar teeth whitening.

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