Can I Whiten My Teeth For My Wedding?

July 10, 2022
bride and bridesmaid after teeth whitening

The dress isn’t the only thing that should be white on your wedding day – don’t forget your teeth! If there is one day that you want to look your best, it’s the day of your nuptials. Those bright, happy smiles are the focus of so many of the photos and videos on the day.

Yes, you can whiten your teeth for your wedding day and best of all, you can do it painlessly with no sensitivity afterwards!

Will my teeth be sensitive for the wedding?

Since The Smile Bar’s teeth whitening system is completely non-invasive, it does not cause any side effects like pain or tooth sensitivity. Some customers have experienced a very mild tingling sensation after the treatment, but this is completely natural and it disappears on its own after 24 hours.

Do I need to go into a dentist’s office?

No, you don’t. The Smile Bar offers the best-in-class teeth whitening treatment in the comfort of our unique spa-like environment. Best of all, the teeth whitening is done by dental professionals, so you rest assured you are in expert hands.

Best results are achieved if you go for a professional dental cleaning before treatment, so add that into your planning!

Bring The Bridesmaids

Why not make it a group effort? Bring the bridesmaids and mom, and have a unique teeth whitening salon experience as you prepare for your big day.

Professional teeth whitening by experts  

The Smile Bar is a trendy whitening salon, run by qualified dentists, that gives you the confidence to smile again. We get you that bright, confident smile with our patented teeth whitening technology. Developed in Sweden, our system is a fast, painless way to get a visibly whiter, brighter smile. Book your whitening treatments with us and we will ensure you have a radiant smile on your wedding day.

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